ACCA Training Opportunities

The Association of Christian Childcare Administrators places a high value on relevant, practical training to enable members and their staff to better meet the needs of troubled children and families. In addition, ACCA offers a Youth Leadership Conference for outstanding students gathered from member agencies to instruct, encourage and motivate our young people into roles of leadership.

Annual Meeting for Childcare Executives

The Annual Meeting workshop targets the childcare executives, program directors, and facility managers with relevant and practical information useful for leadership positions of agencies and programs.

Held in March, the Annual Meeting provides cutting edge training, updates on childcare information and trends, opportunities for members to network and fellowship, and motivational and inspirational opportunities for the members in leadership positions.

Workshop for Family and Direct Care Staff

1958 marked the first year for the annual Workshop, making it the oldest continuing child-care workshop in the country.

Sessions feature nationally known experts who focus on timely issues of vital interest to basic and advanced family and direct care staff, foster parents, social workers, counselors, and administrative staff.

This conference is typically held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in June.

Challenging Potential Leaders

Typically held in early August, the Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) focuses on older residents of child care agencies that have been identified as leaders, or potential leaders, on our campuses.

Set in a camp atmosphere, the students have opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills and are challenged to return to their respective campuses and demonstrate those skills. The conference is coordinated by outstanding, national youth motivational speakers and who challenge, motivate, and relate well with the students.

ACCA will not be holding a Youth Leadership Conference in 2024.