For more than 75 years, ACCA has continued to provide opportunities for growth and training for executives, child care workers and residents.

Association of Christian Childcare Administrators (ACCA) is an organization of child care executives that is committed to promoting Christian character, professionalism in child care, training, relationships, networking and recognition.


ACCA, formerly Southwestern Association of Executives of Homes for Children (SWA), grew out of a common concern of committed Christian executives to strengthen their individual campus ministries and services.

After more than seventy-five years of impacting the lives of children, ACCA continues its strong commitment to excellency and professionalism in all aspects of child care, programs, services and ministries.

Inter-agency ties provide networking and sharing of resources to encourage a Christ-centered approach to child care.


ACCA is a valuable resource for child and family serving organizations! Whether through building strong professional friendships, state of the art training, knowledge and experience sharing, and formulating “best practice” in the field of residential child and family care, the ACCA is the hands down leader and knowledge wheelhouse! I am so thankful for this great organization.

Robert Marshall, President & CEO, Hendrick Home for Children

ACCA has provided me with a community of like-minded professionals who are working toward the same goal: serving children and families well. My professional relationships in ACCA have turned into friendships that have provided stability and support in an industry that is complex and at times, difficult to navigate. Hendrick Home for Children is better because of our membership in ACCA; community, exceptional training for staff, transformative youth camps for children, and life-long friendships are a guarantee when partnering with ACCA.

Erin Seabourne, Executive Vice President, Hendrick Home for Children